Wednesday, October 30, 2013

As Seen Online: The Power of Horror Authors, Black & Female

Pheare has a face. And it's... this cool-looking, promising new fiction author by the name of... Pheare! Author Pheare Alexander's first novel, Str8 Laced, which was published in 2010 has gained its fair share of buzz. Check out her website, interviews, and reviews in the hyperlinks provided above!

This is was a gold star find. Brooks does a close examination of the books of Tananarive Due, her African Immortals series that centers around the main character Jessica Jacobs-Wolde and L.A. Banks' Vampire Huntress Legend series focus on Damali Richards and discusses how speculative fiction is ripe for transformative work on Black female identity, in particular, taking agency in our own sexual identity:

"The black female body in these books demonstrates a power that allows for personal explorations
of pleasure and pain and the possibilities for socio-political change within the black community...This is a direct assault on the stereotypical, harmful, and reductionist stereotype of the strongblackwoman who sacrifices their personal self and their vulnerability for the gain of the black community..."

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