Friday, November 15, 2013

Upcoming Horror Film Gets Exciting New Cast Member!

You remember when I first mentioned sister writer and producer Veetra King's new film Twinge? I received some pretty cool news recently that I'm happy to share. The man behind the mask himself, Kane Hodder (a former stunt man that many of you may know as Jason Vorhees) has joined the cast!

From some of his best makeup...

To simply a larger than life, soft spoken guy...

From The Press Release
Iconic horror legend, Kane Hodder, is in talks to join the cast of the highly anticipated feature, TWINGE. Much like its counterpart, SAW, TWINGE is expected to be the first film in a massive horror franchise.  With more casting news to come, the enthusiasm for TWINGE has now spread globally.

Helmed by her passion for greatness, TWINGE writer/producer Veetra King (commonly known as VeeVee), is certain that her film will be accepted by fans and critics, alike. Joined by VeeVee’s intense focus for flawless storytelling and the buzz of a big theatrical release, TWINGE is foreseen to garner mainstream success.  Upon completion of funding, TWINGE is slated to begin filming early 2014."

For more information about TWINGE: (Funding inquiries)
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