Monday, March 10, 2014

Monster Mania Con 27 Photo Essay

Monster Mania, an east coast horror film/TV convention held in Cherry Hill, New Jersey every March is a concentration in socializing, endurance, laughter, and exhaustion. This past weekend after successfully live-tweeting the event during 'down' moments in massively crowded hotel hall rooms, I decided the long day would be more interestingly recapped with photos and captions like a horror nerd scrapbook.


Vending rooms, hallways, lounges, eateries, the ground floor of this hotel was jam packed. More than it ever has been which was the consensus amongst the people I got to chat with.


I finally got to meet in person the creator of WerePups, Asia Ericksen. A great woman with an amazing talent, Asia's pups drew a lot of attention and are pretty surreal to hold. They are infant-like and feel pretty real. The detail and time she puts into her craft is not a game so if you're interested in adopting, be ready to shell out some cash and call it a down payment. Everything she creates is custom made to your liking. Read more about WerePups on our site.

Asia was also very nice enough to gift me this knitted Freddy Krueger baby beanie a friend of hers created. My first born is certainly wearing this out of the hospital. I love it!


I'm such a nerd because I know exactly which Michael Myers he's playing. Without hesitation, this is the Michael from Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers. This guy's got the exact build and everything.
This gal told us, I don't care if this character is "supposed" to be a guy, I'm doin' it!

This is me and Sam from one of my favorite films Trick 'r Treat! I've longed to pose with Sam. He's so damn cute. It's the perfect Halloween film and I will be passing out reminders to see it during the season.


New friend and fellow Philadelphian Shelita (@SMTVAddict) hops cons and gets celebrity soundbites like it's her second job. Her promotion hustle is admirable and she's a true joy to be around. Her additional buddies, Kayla, Heather, and Lauren were peaches. Notice the t-shirt, Sistah Speak is a podcast that covers some of our favorites, The Walking Dead as well as True Blood. Check them out here.

Old friends Rae (@Stay_Frosty) and Jen (@FinalGirlSG) who run the Final Girl Support Group blog came through for a few hours and to hang out as well. Our discussion of women in horror continues, talked enthusiastically about future projects we'll certainly embark on and I think we all spent way too much money in the vending rooms than any of us had intended.


Yes, I finally found a copy of 1973's Ganja & Hess sans internet and had to have it. It is by far my favorite of the blaxploitation horror films and is only beginning to get the recognition it deserves. Thanks Diabolik DVD!

And another little something my heart desired...

Blade from the Puppet Master films now sits proudly on my window sill! Full Moon, the film production company that played a big role in my childhood movie experiences were there along with the man who rivals Don Mancini in exacerbating our fear of dolls, Charles Band. And I kinda geeked out a little as he passed me. I truly have daydreamed about my future home office having Blade on display. If you haven't seen any Full Moon features and you love genre cinema, you need to!

Famous People

Lines were just pure, long madness this year I cannot even begin to tell you. But doing it with friends is the best course of action because while waiting, I got to eat lunch after spending all morning in a famine trying to get there on time. And luckily, Emily Kinney (Beth) from The Walking Dead was still in a posing mood. And yes, that is Chandler Riggs (Carl's tiny self) to my left. 

All other people you've seen on TV I had to take stalker pictures of...

Blurry Hershel
The elegant Tony Todd
Chandler with an eye catching shirt.

Robert Englund at the bar.
The one thing I didn't do this year is catch any panels but many of the talks I've already seen from the same celebs before. Additionally, it was nice to switch things up and not be stuck in a sweat box panel room all afternoon. It gets hot in those places. It it was nice to really come out of my shell to talk to both new and old friends for extended periods.

This was my first con since completely skipping the circuit in 2013 so needless to say, I'm looking forward to doing this in August.
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