Friday, February 20, 2015

Girls Will Be Ghouls: A New Horror Podcast!

Sometimes you just wanna talk about horror movies. For hours. With a friend, friendly acquaintance, stranger or all three. And sometimes, you just happen to serendipitously verbalize golden considerations of those horror movies and egotistically think to yourself, 'Others need to hear this.' These were just a few ideas going through my head when Zena Sade Dixon (The Real Queen Of Horror) proposed the ideas of two (Black women) serenading your ear holes with slightly different but universally sane perspectives on horror with a format and design that promises humor, introspection, and a breakdown from the best to the unwatchable that the genre has to offer!

The Girls Will Be Ghouls podcast is kicking off its inaugural episode where we take a conversational tone to horror with creative lists beginning with Zena's Top 5 Worst Horrors Of 2014 and a discussion of Ernest Dickerson's 2001 horror fare Bones with a unique ratings system.

Jumping right in, Zena's disdain with 2014's Chiller TV film Animal was only magnified by the fact that star Keke Palmer who plays Alissa, thought it was a good idea to release a pop injected song and video to promote the film. After giving it a watch, it's pretty cringe worthy. But the kiddies may like it:

With our discussion of Bones, we introduce a fun little ratings system:

The Minority Report assesses both a horror film's number of characters of color and their significance in each film.

5 – Blacker than Blacula

A horror film with an almost all or entirely Black cast that commonly deals with issues within the African diaspora.

4 – Demon Knight Jada Pinkett

A horror film with an almost even cast of diverse characters where a character of color has their own story, takes on a significant leadership role, and can in the end, be victorious/the survivor.

3 – Sleepy Hollow Season 2

A horror film with a relatively mixed cast with so much promise, yet instead would rather regulate characters of color to supporting/background roles while the white, main characters are at the core.

2 – Kincaid Token Factor

A horror film that told itself, 'Oh! Let's add a Black character' that adds nothing to the story except to maybe help the white, main character(s) but be nothing but a slighty to infuriating stereotype.

1 – Whiter than the 2015 Oscars

A horror film with virtually no characters of color. Maybe background players as civil servants if we're lucky.

Bones Minority Report:

Zena - 4
Ashlee - 5

Towards wrap up, we give our recent watch recommendations:

Zena - Life After Beth (2014)
Ashlee - Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (1995)

We hope you enjoy our first episode as we aim to make this a monthly treat. Any comments or feedback can be sent to

Also, HUGE thanks to the Legion Podcast network for being a gracious host were you can also find our show on iTunes!
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