Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Girls Will Be Ghouls Podcast: Episode Two

We're back, y'all! The second episode of the Girls Will Be Ghouls podcast is now live with a lot of love sent to Bo at Legion Podcasts for giving us a shot to be on such a great network. Subscribe to the feed by clicking on the link and take our episodes on the go!

Ashlee's 2014 [Horror Film] Recap: Adding Dear White People to my list lead to a slight curb into a discussion of racial identity. Slightly. But we get right back into long-winded laments about the horror movies on the list.

Movie Discussion: The Faculty (1998)

Not only did we talk randomly about the film and its themes, but additionally which characters we're most like. Which was awkward-not-awkward. Just like high school.

Minority Report Rating

                                                  Ashlee: 1 - Whiter than the 2015 Oscars
                                                  Zena: 2 - Kincaid Token Factor

Recent Watch Recommendations

Zena: Ghost Graduation (2012) & Maniac (2012)
Ashlee: Phenomena (1985)

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