Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sci-Fi Sunday: Filmmaker Sharon Lewis Adapts Nalo Hopkinson's Brown Girl In The Ring For The Screen

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Director Sharon Lewis has launched a crowd-funding campaign to create the first caribbean canadian sci-fi feature film Brown Girl in the Ring: The Prequel. A coming of age story set in a futuristic ghetto, inspired by the award-winning novel by Nalo Hopkinson! The campaign Brown Girl in the Ring: The Prequel will run from June 15 - July 17, 2015 on with the goal of raising $30,000.

Nalo’s depiction of Ti-Jeanne, a young caribbean canadian girl and her fantastical world of spirits has haunted me ever since I first read the novel. As with any adaptation I had to hone in on one aspect of the story, so I went to, the beginning of the beginning, the first steps Ti-Jeanne takes towards becoming a hero. -Sharon

Description: It’s 2048 in The Burn, a post-apocalyptic dystopia haunted by spirits from afro-caribbean folklore. What was once Toronto has been abandoned by the wealthy, and the poor have been walled in and left to fend for themselves. This coming of age story focuses on Ti-Jeanne who rebels against her grandmother’s mystical Caribbean teachings to run away with her first love. Haunted by warnings and predictions, Ti-Jeanne must obey her guardian spirit or someone will die.

Nalo Hopkinson
Brown Girl in the Ring: The Prequel has already gained support from the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council. The funding agencies have committed $105,000, which Lewis must match within the next month or lose the funding. She is turning to fans and supporters to help make Canadian film history! She will raise $30,000 through the indiegogo campaign with the balance coming from corporate, private and government financing.

About Sharon Lewis: Sharon Lewis criss-crosses the arenas of television, film, digital, print and theatre in a variety of roles as an award-winning director, producer and writer. Voted one of Canada’s Top Ten Women by Elle Canada, Lewis has been nominated for a Gemini and a Leo, and made history as the first Canadian woman of colour to host two national shows. She has honed her skills as a director at UCLA and the NFB. Her considerable list of film, television and theatre credits includes Chains, which she wrote, directed and produced, winner of Best Sci-Fi short at the prestigious Eugene International Film Festival.

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