Saturday, November 28, 2015

Fund Multiple Voices From The Women In Horror Annual Anthology

The "first-of-its-kind anthology of horror fiction and nonfiction written by women" branded Women In Horror Annual is in the thick of a $5,000 goal IndieGoGo campaign to cover publishing and advertising expenses.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

One Last Sunset: A Horror Film About Survival & Loneliness With Director Kevin Richmond

Richmond (right)
My recent talk with producer, writer, and director Kevin Richmond, a North Carolina native exposes a variety of concepts that are not unfamiliar, yet affirming in our consistent struggle to make representation count beyond slogans, memes, or lip service. Especially in the horror genre. One atmospheric and viscerally compelling piece from his growing arsenal of expression was birthed from an overwhelming sense of loss and uncertainty.


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Love For The Brothers: Ken Sagoes

Noted as the first Black man to survive a mainstream horror film long enough to make it to the sequel, Ronald Kincaid first appeared in a posture of defeat. Confined to a single, padded room, shadows from the bars distorting the limited light, sitting against one of the four walls, his arms supported by his knees in an upright, fetal position. Looking up from his solemn pose, he sees Dr. Gordon looking at him through the small, rectangular window of the room. We are made aware by Dr. Gordon's exchange with Dr. Simms that Kincaid's continuous outbursts may lead to permanent isolation.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Asia Eriksen's Creature Creations, WerePups

*In the midst of some site reconstruction, the original post about WerePups and Asia Eriksen was lost. But she's such a remarkable talent, I was more than happy to provide a much more thoughtful and detailed feature on the artist whose childhood dream is one of the most unique collectibles to ever exist.

I have a very left from center interest in werewolves that began with the understandably much passed on The Marsupials: The Howling III from 1987. There was Jerboa (Imogen Annesley) bonding with her odd wolf/human newborn (above) that crawled out of a pouch from her torso in such a mesmerizing way. My imagination didn't quite know how to process such a tender, human yet not-human form, and ultimately a beautiful scene between a mother and her son. Because I'm strange and unusual, it prompted some of my first extra-textual ponderings of maternity.


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sci-Fi Sunday: #BlackSciFiDoc Invisible Universe Gets A Reboot

Since my first plug for producer/director M. Asli Dukan (@InvUniDoc) and her much anticipated opus, Invisible Universe, an exploration of speculative fiction in books and films by Black content creators, I have understood from face to face interactions that her work is prime to have wider influence and impact than she herself initially imagined.

Better are the words from the re-vamped website:

While Black creators imagined better futures for Black people within their fictional works of SF, in reality, the everyday, lived experiences of Black people in the United States – e.g., the rise of massive inequality, the prison industrial complex, and police brutality – stood in stark contrast. She began to wonder if these phenomena were related. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Horror Blend Of Action & Emotion with Ash vs. Evil Dead's Jill Marie Jones

I recently got the amazing opportunity to speak directly with Jill Marie Jones, one of the stunning leading ladies of this past Halloween’s big television premiere, Ash vs. Evil Dead. The series is directly related to the 1981 horror classic that started it all and spawned two favorable sequels. Much anticipation bubbled when the public was privy to the heavily central involvement of the trilogy's parents in writer/director Sam Raimi and star Bruce Campbell.

The announcement of Jones' role as a star player put this series immediately on my radar. While genre television isn’t new to Jones with her appearances on American Horror Story as well as Sleepy Hollow, many remember Jones as the complex character of Toni Childs on UPN’s successful sitcom Girlfriends for six seasons.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Twinge, An Ambitious Horror Feature Launches Inventive Campaign

Film producer and writer Veetra "VeeVee" King wants to "change the way people view black women in horror". Her sparkling persistence has kept her soon-to-be horror film, Twinge swimming in our consciousness. She along with her team are constantly accessing inventive ways to spread the word about this rather dark and layered endeavor. Twinge is about a Camille, a wife and mother who snaps after her children die in a car accident. With her grandma’s special tea concoction, she’s on a mission to replace the children she's lost. 

But this fresh chance at motherhood doesn’t come without a price. The evil side effect of the tea causes her new children to have a thirst for blood, and desperation causes them to do whatever it takes to keep their loving family together.


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Toronto's Horror-Rama Con 2015 Recap

Horror-Rama, the brainchild of Luis Ceriz, owner of Toronto’s cult DVD rental store Suspect Video and Chris Alexander, film director and managing editor at Shock Till You Drop, was a blast!  I went to the first two-day event last year and it was fun, but had heard there was some confusion about attending panels due partially to the location. The Hyatt Regency Hotel was the new, more spacious location this second year of the con with a great room for panels. There were nooks where you could sit and collect yourself, a lounge, large vendors, and a celebrity meet & greet area. 

I shopped a little too enthusiastically and ended up with some great items and gifts. If someone had told me there was a bridge in New York they could sell me, I would have handed them my credit card before they finished their sentence. It was just that kind of day.


Monday, November 2, 2015

The #BlackHorror21 Halloween Challenge Recap

On our second year anniversary on October 9th, I decided to do a 21 Shades Of Blackness retrospective in horror film history covering titles from the 1970s and the 1990s, as they stand as the best decades that highlight prominent Black characters in horror films. The #Blackhorror21 hashtag is where you can find facts, figures, and commentary on some of horror's most unique and diverse perspectives on race and more! During all these festivities, something else was able to pass:

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in comment as your thoughts matter as an audience savvy to some of these films that don't receive the recognition they richly deserve.

Hope All Had A Fun Halloween! 

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