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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Award Winning Horror Short, Small Talk Breaks Out On VOD With Friday the 13th Event

The horror community has been by far the most welcoming of the film. I submitted it to a ton of “women’s” film festivals and not a single one has wanted to touch it. One festival that rejected me offered to send a summary of jury comments for free and the comments were basically like “It was well shot and acted and all but it was about a phone sex operator and it was so disturbing and suddenly people were exploding and I don’t understand why and our audience will be so disturbed and upset.” That was the consensus of why my film was a bad choice for their festival.
-Nicole Witte Solomon on reactions to her film, Small Talk for Tits and Sass
February 19, 2015

Small Talk, a short film under the "sci-fi/horror/comedy" amalgamation manages to hit each genre tenet succinctly. The sci-fi tastes like Cronenberg and toned down Dead Alive Peter Jackson while the comedic strength is easily found with character chemistry and the horror reigns as a powerful discourse on misogyny, economics, and various other relatable themes, all from the subjective of a phone sex operator whose severe headaches are beginning to have strange connections to her most unsavory callers. In short, Small Talk is immersive, challenging, and strengthened by the emotive performance of its lead, Al (Manini Gupta). Many of us have been in service of someone in some capacity during our lives and it's never completely enjoyable.

My tea sipping session with writer/director Nicole Witte Solomon helped inform such a wonderful piece of art on the side of representation, like not being beholden to this mythical idea that your players have to all be white to make a film "sellable" or "universal". Most important to me now looking back was her thoughtful responses about how unpleasant and cathartic Small Talk was for her. And it shows successfully throughout the entirety of the film.

My adoration for Nicole and her work is ever present. And after showing the trailer to friends here and there over the past two years, I'm happy that everyone now finally gets an opportunity to see what I've been raving about.

NEW YORK: See Small Talk for FREE on the big screen this Friday the 13th!
We will screen Small Talk, a short I produced and did practical effects on called Beneath the Black Moon followed and there will be other things. Surprises. Mayhem. Prizes. More.

Fri 8 PM · The Local NYC · New York, NY, United States

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  1. Wow! This concert was truly rocking. Thanks for these reviews. I love attending music shows at local event venues Chicago but this year couldn’t attend any. Have been very busy with my work and don’t get enough free time now.


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