Tuesday, May 3, 2016

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Back in 2012, Black Girl Nerds, a blog that celebrates nerdy women of color reached my radar on a whim that's long forgotten. But I will never forget that its creator Jamie Broadnax, not only spoke candidly about things she was nerdy about, but the other aspects of life that can be trying and feel lonely. I reached out to her via email with a branch of solidarity as I too (and continue to) struggle with certain trials. Somewhere in this period, amidst a graduate degree and inconsistent blogging, Black Girl Nerds became the platform that launched my underutilized muse into the stratosphere.

With a few thoughtful rants on the site here and there, October 2013 was branded the Black Girl (Horror) Nerds month long celebration of the Halloween season. I discussed my own horror fandom journey and the women in some professional capacity immersed in the genre. The last installment is Graveyard Shift Sisters, the genesis. It was difficult producing that series. And I realized it shouldn't have been. This space exists because I wanted a haven for women of color in the horror community to feel included, like they belonged in every facet of the horror industry. I know from experience, some people were hostile to that notion. And while unfortunate, myopic attitudes never deterred me from pushing the importance of inclusivity.

I'm not sure if Graveyard Shift Sisters would be here if not for Black Girl Nerds. It took a bit of stepping out of the deep, comfort zone contributing work on another blog at the time, but I'm glad I did. I will be forever in debt to Jamie for her kindness, patience, and inspiration.

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Virginia Beach, VA – Jamie Broadnax is pleased to announce the launch Black Girl Nerds on Patreon!

BLACK GIRL NERDS – Started in 2012 is an online community for Black women who are self-identified nerds and geeks. The site also has a weekly podcast and a social media community that has made an impact in pop culture entertainment.

We are officially now on Patreon! The crowdfunding space is one that has been a long time coming for BGN. Many fans and followers of Black Girl Nerds have asked us if we have a Patreon and I personally have been dragging my feet.

Well now we are finally launched it! In addition to the outline of what are financial needs are, I have also presented a video to let you know specifically what we are asking for and why. I look forward to the opportunity to allowing this space to grow with your support and give you the coverage you deserve as a nerd outlet!

Currently we are on the comic con circuit as press and need help with travel expenses and equipment! Help us make our goal before SDCC begins! The link for the BGN Patreon is:

www.patreon.com/blackgirlnerds. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell everyone.

I think it’s important that so many of us with marginalized voices cover stories that you don’t really hear in the mainstream” – Jamie Broadnax

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