Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Top 10 Movie Serial Killers Body Count

Infographics provided and introduction written by Katie Porter from SeatUp

That suspense in the scene when you know something bad is about to happen. The anticipation of the appearance of the gruesome killer and the death blow that's hanging in the air. Who doesn't love horror movies? For some people, it's just unbearable to watch, but we're absolute fans of this. The adrenaline rush you get is almost unreal. Sounds totally psycho, right? But there's something about that. Something that keeps us coming back for more.

And there are some pretty epic and unforgettable scenes. When Jason jumps from the tree and slices a group of people in one swing or his utterly shocking stabs and fiery punches through the stomach to when he twists guys head in Freddy Vs. Jason. And the one when he knocks boxers' head off delivering only one blow. Now, here's another favorite – Freddy Krueger. Wes Craven's ultimate horror killer that hunts you down in your dreams first appeared in 1984's A Nightmare on Elm Street and had planted the fear of meeting him in our sleep for years to come. All those creepy and bloody scenes Freddy's glove has carved into our memory.

And the list just goes on. Throughout the years we've seen some pretty ugly and gruesome scenes and unpleasant endings. If we put the death scenes into consideration we have quite a competition. We've seen characters get killed in bathtubs, lakes, bridges, beds, top of the ceilings you name it. But who's the real horror movie champion? Only one thing can tell – body count. All of our favorite killers have an amazing streak that would put them in jail for eternity. The crew over at SeatUp created this amazing infographic showing 10 of the best villains/serial killers in the history of horror movies. Find your favorite killer freak and see how he's rating.

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