Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Black Women Horror Filmmakers: Sloan Turner

Family is known idealistically as the very foundation of cognitive growth, love, and trust of those who live in your home. It's supposed to be on of the safest places you can be. But family on screen, and in horror, is an evergreen site for flipping any of these positive connotations right on their head. All families have their trials, and what if monsters are waiting to feed on the conflict? Ready to consume?


Sunday, September 9, 2018

#SciFiSunday: Fund Science Fiction Anthology Web Series, The Vth Column

You can see them at Artboer in Atlanta, GA, encouraging patrons to "enter the 5th Wall and discover..."

If you're not quite sure what, that's the point. The message of the universe, providing us with endless possibilities if we walk into the option full of options has that cosmic, sci-fi flare. One of the reasons fans of the genre appreciate it so much. And this is what you get with The 5th Wall: a dimension full of color, comics, web series, and multiverses. With an allure of Afrofuturism, "The 5th Wall is an age old agency charged with investigating the para-dimensional activities that have shaped our world."


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Hair Wolf (2018): A Nebulous Review Of A Spectacular Horror Game Changer

One dark evening, a Black hair care salon faces its biggest threat: a white female patron with a bizarre effect on some of the stylists.

Written & Directed by Mariama Diallo

There's a depth to the culturally-related grievances from Black women. From shreds have our foremothers created traditions, heritage. From our features, a truly original presence that has the globe's attention with no equitable reward. A Black woman's parts are desired, but not her full emotional form. And what ways can this be expressed? In horror and humor, filmmaker Mariama Diallo has unleashed the literal perfect balance of this message that is accessible to all.

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