Race & Horror Resources

Here are more links to feed your inquiring minds on the topic of race in horror. While I grow weary of the 'black people die first' mantra in our cultural film milieu, I am open to any differing perspectives on the topic.

First To Die: Evil Dead & Blackness in Horror by Joshua Alston, The Feminist Wire, April 13 2013

"It's a shame that the topic of blackness in horror has been written about so scarcely, given how rich a discussion it is...The horror universe is one in which black characters are seldom afforded the opportunity for survival, heroism, or love."

Why Don't Black Filmmakers Make Horror Movies? by Ayanna Guyhto, June 1, 2012

"Black people love horror films as much as the next person. But this is a film genre dominated by other ethnic groups. Sure, black people are in many great mainstream horror films. But their presence within the genre has always been slight."

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