Monday, October 28, 2013

Women of Color in Horror: More Discussions

Laura Caro in Here Comes The Devil (2012)
Planet Fury was a great online resource for horror news, interviews, reviews, and general fan insight. The virtual community aggregate of the past, the message board may be a lost art in our Tumblr/Twitter golden age, but it remains a very thoughtful, viable resource for informative perspectives.

About four years ago from the date posted, a thread about "Women of Color in Horror" was started:

"Well I was thinking about this a lot being a Latina and a big fan of horror movies and still think I'm not represented a lot in the genre."

What this discussion at the very least does is open the floor for considering not only Black and Latina women in horror, but Asian women as well as a brief overview of speculative fiction and the implication of women of color's narratives in the binary of the traditional Western European narrative in that bracket.

The problem of the "sub-" category is that women of color who are writing your science-fiction/horror/fantasy stories is placed beneath the national narrative of experience.  While inherently from my vantage point, the use of "sub-" is not entirely bad, in the context of the what the author is trying to convey, it's a problem.

I would love to see more discussions on not just representation in film, but especially in writing/journalism in regards to women of color in the horror industry.

Fiction/Poetry writer Linda Addison, the first Black person, male or female, to win the Bram Stoker Award for writing and has mentioned there being very few African Americans at science fiction events in particular but we can imagine, in these fringe genre circuits, in general.

I'm starting to feel like my natural career progression to moving more towards your quasi-journalistic ends and genre media is what I naturally lean more heavily on to spark my prose muse. I am looking forward to this space being a platform where I can highlight more women of color horror journalists. Because as you can see, our visibility in this sphere is much needed!
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