Friday, December 20, 2013

Black Female Horror Fans Speak Out!

This week, I wanted to focus on Black female horror fans. Before I began writing, organizing film screenings, and volunteering at festivals and on film sets, I was simply had a large affinity for horror movies over other genres. And I'm happy to see that so many more Black women are fans as much as I am:


In addition, I was curious as to what fans wanted to see in horror in the future:

And finally, what would fandom be without pointing out some of our favorite actors and characters? Thinking about this, I began to brainstorm with the idea of which Black actresses who other fans enjoy watching in a horror film or television series:

As fans of horror, which actresses of color would you love to see in horror? What kind of stories do you want to see told (theme wise, etc.) in the genre? 

How do you feel as a Black female horror fan?
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