Sunday, February 16, 2014

#SciFiSunday: Trailer for Upcoming Documentary Invisible Universe

Filmmaker M. Alsi Dukan has taken on the gargantuan task of orchestrating a visual symphony that combines the Black experience as creators and Black representations in science fiction, fantasy, and horror in her documentary, Invisible Universe: a history of blackness in speculative fiction. The angle is one of a kind as it focuses specifically on the politics of invisibility in the realm of how race plays out in genre media. Better explained through Dukan's words:

Whether in books, movies or comics, Black Speculative Fiction (typically, a conglomeration of fantasy, horror and science fiction genres), has been a way for Black creators to visualize the Black past, future and present, all in the face of a dominant culture that has mythologically, technologically and systematically worked to negate their voices, bodies, cultures and existences. However, for over 150 years, Black creators have recognized this "invisibleness" created by the dominant culture and have written, produced, performed, directed, drawn and most importantly struggled against, and in spite of, this erasure, by creating a universe of their own. 

She is currently in post-production and needs our monetary support to really push this project to shape up for screenings. The goal is $20,000 and you can watch the funding video and donate here. There are 20 days left in the campaign so support if you can! 

Without seeing the full film, I obviously cannot give you the nerdy diatribe I am anticipating dishing out here when I do finally see this. Ms. Dukan has however offered a wealthy amount of teasers and stays on top of social media while we all wait with bated breath! Watch the trailer below.

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