Sunday, March 2, 2014

#SciFiSunday: Rigamo Short Film & Comic Book

In the throes of speculative transmedia, two NYU students, Che Grayson and Sharon De La Cruz have joined forces to create an intriguing project titled, Rigamo. Film and comic will merge to tell the story of Kera Moore, "a young superhero whose tears bring people back to life at the cost of instantly advancing in age."

More accurately viewed as science fiction, Sharon explains that Rigamo delves into "what is means to be a woman of color..." through "exploring the fantastical element". 

And additionally ask a universally burning question; "what does death look like?"

Support for these two young ladies is so vital to our emerging landscape for genre artists of color who want to tell fresh stories with characters of color. In their words, "we want to promote positive images of young black girls in the visual mediums of both film and print media. We also wanted to dive into the more personal themes of mourning and healing within those Black and Latino communities."

The Kickstarter campaign helped them complete the first volume of this comic/film so to know that this could possibly be a continuing series is exciting and well worth your investment. Let's give our support and let them know there's a (dare I say) huge market for the kind of work they aspire to produce.

Their endgame: more positive images in Black media. Ours should be the same.

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