Thursday, May 8, 2014

Teaser for Upcoming Horror Film, Savage Sistas

If there's one thing to be excited about, it's seeing four central Black women characters in a horror film that, judging from the information provided, finds inspiration from the Black women in horror cinema from yesteryear. While I obviously reserve judgment on the final product considering I'm not the biggest fan of "the rednecks vs. city folk" sub-genre, the project that is Savage Sistas seems to be the promising turn I am hoping to see in the genre as far as stories and representation.

The plot reads:

When a group of girlfriends from the streets of LA set out on the highway to Vegas, they have no idea that they’re on a road trip straight to Hell.

Taking an unmapped short cut, they find themselves on a lost highway and out of gas. And just when all hope seems lost, a mysterious highway patrolman discovers them. But this is far from the lucky break they were hoping for. Their encounter erupts in violence, leaving the patrolman dead. The situation goes from bad to worse when they seek help from a family of locals at a nearby farmhouse.

To their horror, these friends soon discover that every member of this home is a bloodthirsty psychopath,making a sustainable living from trapping and killing unwary travelers. There's only one way out of this bizarre butcher shop... They've got to KILL to survive.

The film stars Erica Renee Davis as Tamara, Denee Busby as Rosalind, Amazon Beard as Pam, and Ladae Bond as Vonetta. All seemingly bright, emergent talents with impressive resumes, each woman is taking their experience in the genre to the next level with this level-up homage to the likes of Wrong Turn and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

A fan of 70s/80s horror, it seems writer and director Dan Smith wanted to make a film that differentiated itself from many horror films today. The difference being, spinning the age old, Chainsaw narrative around Black women: Once a driving force in the Blaxploitation genre of the 70s, these no-nonsense, kick-ass females have all but disappeared from cinema. Where have they all gone? Dan is determined to make a film where the heroes have strong roles, make smart decisions in dangerous situations, and just happen to be black women. These female characters don’t make silly choices and they react to danger totally different than their white counterparts.

Fingers crossed!

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