Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tananarive Due's Short Horror Film, Danger Word (2013)

Danger Word lead actress Saoirse Scott
On April 28th, the long awaited indie short Danger Word, from the minds of Tananarive Due and Steven Barnes was released for universal consumption. I was wondering about this announcement so it was pretty exciting when the tweet went out. Even more exciting was the follow up news that this could turn into a feature!

Seeing it myself, I was delighted by its twists and depth. Every scene carried an emotional weight and subtext that pulls you in with a solemn visual landscape from the very beginning. Investment in these characters is far from difficult and action, suspense, and drama work harmoniously with Danger Word as a genre work. I won't say more because, hey, we may be getting a feature I can really dig my writing chops into and, and it's a short that I'd rather not spoil!

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