#SciFiSunday: Supernatural Web Series, Evolve

Actress-playwright now additionally screenwriter/producer/filmmaker Kia Barbee is the creator of the 2013 supernatural/teen drama web series titled, Evolve. Here's the breakdown:

Evolve is a supernatural dramatic story about acceptance of self and responsibility seen through the eyes of a reluctant heroine and sheltered teenager Donia Reyes who inherits super abilities. Throughout the series Donia struggles to maintain a balance between what she wants and what she's destined to become, which is consistently challenged by her nemesis and teen villain in the making, Troi Lawson.

The introduction to this story was told in five short webisodes and showcases the beginning of Donia's journey in dealing with her new-found abilities and strict traditions of her super powered family.

Kia's cool passion about her work is exciting to listen in on. While others like myself would love to possess some kind of supernatural power, Donia fights it. With great power comes great responsibility and all that. Her identity can be described as hero nor villain which continues to be a fresh depiction of Black female characters in speculative work:

Evolve was born out of a need to tailor a superhero themed story about a black teenage girl in the vein of Spider-man, yet is identified as antihero. Influences include Spiderman, Bionic Woman, The Incredible Hulk, X-Men and the Star Wars saga--namely Anakin Skywalker.

There's much more to look forward to out of Evolve with a graphic novel in the planning stages and possibly film, TV, and literature.

Evolve the Series Brief VFX Breakdown from Gerald Lee on Vimeo.
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