Thursday, July 10, 2014

Black Women in Horror: Short Film, Patty Cake

Written and directed by University of Michigan alum and writer on the former ABC series Detroit 1-8-7 Phonz Williams, Patty Cake is an eerie three minutes full of tension when Patty and her mother (Tiffany Snow and Tyler Lewis) can't seem to see eye to eye.


It's a solid short but suffers from pacing due to its time limit.

What I do dig about Patty Cake is its potential. I would love to see Williams develop this into something bigger. Patty Cake manages in a short time to bring up very universal themes between parents and their children while giving it a personal touch for Black women. This is the kind of stuff I remember being so enamored with in 80s horror. With some online mobilization, Patty Cake managed to win first place in the Create A 3 Minute Film, Hollywood Black Film Festival in 2014. And I think there's a brief scene shown from Abby. Nice call back!

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