Women of Color & Horror/Sci-Fi Cosplay

By Takima Bly (@emma_fRhost2)

One of the most popular parts of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror conventions is the cosplay competition. People from all over the world create their own costumes from their favorite characters to compete for prizes, money, and sometimes just for the recognition. It’s like being a big kid, with a bunch of other big kids! For any black girl nerd who ever considered cosplay, the issues arrive when considering who to dress up as. Many women of color do in fact cosplay, but end up portraying the “black version” of superheroes, anime, and video game characters.

Many blacks also receive a lot of racist backlash for dressing up as characters that are white or Asian. Racism should never stop anyone from the joys of partaking in the cosplay festivities. Cosplay is for all walks of nerd life. However, for the black girl cosplayers, future cosplayers, or just Halloween party goers, I have brainstormed women of color to be considered as costume ideas from sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and comic books. Women of color would enjoy seeing more diversity in these fun filled competitions.

Queen Akasha- Queen of the Damned

If the idea and look you’re going for is a blood sucking vampire, Queen Akasha is your girl! She has an ancient and unique look of royalty to match her royal personality.

Nyota Uhura- Star Trek

If you’re in the mood to play a futuristic action character, this might be for you. Zoe Saldana felt passionate enough about Nyota Uhura to play her in both updated movies of Star Trek.

Sheva Alomar- Resident Evil 5 

Looking for a video game heroine full of zombie hunting action? Look no further! Sheva was the first woman of color introduced in the video game franchise set in a world filled with viral experiments and disease.

Storm- X-Men

Our favorite weather witch is one of the most commonly cosplayed characters among black women. Who wouldn’t want to dress up as one of our favorite super heroes?

Michonne- The Walking Dead

A fan favorite who is killing the superhero game, Michonne is an excellent choice to cosplay! If you’re looking to portray a strong and action packed heroine, Michonne is for you. With her katana and walker pets, she makes for an exciting costume.

Maybe one day I’ll step outside of Halloween costumes and upgrade to cosplay!

K. Bly is an expert on book reviews that spotlight girls and women, of color, characters in the horror, sci-fi, and suspense genres of literature, in novels and comic books. You can find her on both Twitter (@emma_fRhost2) and Instagram (@game_of_rhos)

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