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A Little Small Talk with Filmmaker Nicole Witte Solomon

Insightful, challenging, bold, and honest are the words I would use to describe the writer/director of the horror short, Small Talk . Nicole Witte Solomon  has grown to really love directing. She's written for various print and online publications including the popular AfterEllen  and works on videos for social justice organizations. I had been reading about the progression of the development of Small Talk for quite some time before I even had a firm grasp on its premise. I stayed on top of it because it struck me as deeply personal, which made it even more incomparable to what I was used to seeing in horror. And it didn't hurt at all that her main character is a South Asian woman, coupled with an appearance from a popular rapper amongst my peers by the name of Jean Grae , whom I've grown an interest in myself. And needless to say, our discussion about the film just makes me that much more eager to see it!

5 Questions with Horror Fan Cara

Keep an eye on Cara. She'll be launching Big Moon Press and a makeup company that'll provide a variety of services, some even leaning towards incorporating her love for the horror genre. This ambitious, southern-born scary movie lover pulled at our heart strings when she professed that her favorite film is A Nightmare on Elm Street . We're unapologetically, tip-the-scale Freddy fanatics here! What was the first horror film you saw that made you want to watch more horror movies? This is a tough question for me since horror’s always been a part of my life. I grew up with it from a very, very young age thanks to my mom, so not watching horror never felt like an option to me. I do know that for a while, I was pretty unenthusiastic about horror on the whole and I didn’t watch as much for a good stretch of time. Then, The Descent came out and I was all about it. It felt fresh and exciting and actually terrifying, so that sort of revived my love. The other thing that m

#SciFiSunday: Interview With Writer Valjeanne Jeffers

By Eden Royce  ( @EdenRoyce ) When I asked Valjeanne Jeffers which of her books is the best introduction to her work, she didn’t hesitate before she replied, Voyage of Dreams . And after reading it, I agree. Voyage of Dreams is a collection of shorts from Jeffers longer works, intended as teaser for readers to have a taste of the genres the author writes in. There is horror, there is steampunk, there is erotica, there is sci-fi… Now I must disclose that “Voyage of Dreams” does no t have complete stories. Don’t pick it up unless you’re ready to understand that these are excerpts —written book trailers, if you will.  They will lure you in and give you the need to know what happens next.  You will come to hate the words, “To be Continued” (if you don’t already) and want to purchase the full-length novels. If you prefer to have an entire story right up front, I suggest reading the excerpts from her work on her Amazon author page and choosing a tale.

Horror Writers Speak: Crystal Connor & Lori Titus

By Crystal Connor ( @FromTheAuthor ) Author Crystal Connor, who " writes straight up horror with a service of science fiction and dark fantasy on the side " discusses her novel collaboration with Lori Titus on their science fiction/fantasy/horror opus, In The Foothills of Mt. Empyreal : The End is Now An entire year ago, I swore an oath of secrecy when I agreed to co-write a book with paranormal-romance author Lori Titus under the pen name of Connor Titus. The reason, in the beginning, for the vow of silence was simply for the sake of peace. Now this is in no way meant to be a complaint, but my fans take their jobs seriously. It takes about a year for me to write a book, but just a month or two after announcing a new WIP (Work In Progress) that’s all my fans talk to me about, and writing is all they want me to do.  Two weeks after the release of Book II: Artificial Light , I was standing in line in Walgreens and asked the woman in front of me where she got her