Thursday, September 18, 2014

History Class In Session: Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Is Nigh

Last Fall's television series breakthrough was Sleepy Hollow. Unsure of what exactly what I was going to get upon viewing the first few scenes, I quickly became invested in the supernatural mystery of a promising and seemingly well structured story with believable acting, especially in the case of Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) who awakens from a centuries old slumber, astonished by our present future. With the additions of another carefully crafted central character found in Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie), a Black female lead with her own story that cleverly intertwines with Crane's. Add other intriguing, likable, and ethnically diverse characters into the fold for one, fun ride for viewers with a bite for fictional history that involves magic, witches, ghosts, and demons.

It's television heaven!

PaleyFest 2014
I'm excited that the season two premiere date draws near. With all the press, photos, appearances, and Orlando Jones being so great, I think it's safe to say that those behind the scenes of the series and FOX have done their very best to keep fans excited during this very long hiatus. The episode count has been bumped up from thirteen to eighteen and there's more intrigue to be had while keeping in step with what has made the show so successful from the beginning. The only expectations I have for this brand new season is that it stays as strong as it has been. I'd like to see each character evolve in a way that adds to their humanity, elevated from the oddest of circumstances.

And more moments like the fist bump:

Here's a brief list of some factors we're told to expect from season two. I'm not one for over-spoilage so when I describe this list as brief, I mean it:

  • Significant back story on the Mills family
  • A much more present Henry Parrish
  • Implied romantic twists
  • New characters bringing some skeptical charm
  • Speaking of new characters, Ben Franklin makes an appearance!

You can find more meatier descriptions here.

Television series' that rely upon a mixed sex pairing immersed in the supernatural has been a hard sell for me. Since the hey day of The X-Files, creator Chris Carter's vision has been arguably unmatched and I've been a bit disenchanted by knock off's that have failed to be as remarkable and bring any originality to its execution. Sleepy Hollow came along and unraveled a huge portion of the trepidation I harbored for this formula as a series with hype that is beyond deserved.

Live tweet the second season premiere with us Monday, September 22nd on FOX!
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