Horror Blackademics: A Short Black [Women] Vampires Bibliography

Much like zombies, vampires have moved from the margins of macabre fandom to the sleek, sexy, accessible feature for the current young adult market in the all consuming trifecta of television, film, and novels. Music and fashion as well.

I have to be honest, I've been kinda disappointed in the simple imagery of the latest and hottest to vampire fare, mainly ones that attract young girls of color that again, position non-white screen adaptations of this creature in minor roles. For good balance, there's multiple representations of story, mythology, setting, and tone to choose from. From mainstream to no-budget, one of the best things about genre fare is its unfixed meanings.

But the vampire youth market seems to be a tad stagnant in diversified visibility, but I don't feel entirely confident in that statement. As I look to written content on the matter of representation and Black women vampires, many writers look to the distant and close past to frame their sentiments. There are a some great examples of Black women that are crucial to some vampire narratives. Problem is, our girls don't see them enough on screen, so we should additionally encourage them to read novels from the likes of L.A. Banks when their schools do not.

Here are four lengthy examinations of Black female vampires to bookmark, and if you're currently in college, impress your English/Liberal Arts instructors with:

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