Thursday, October 9, 2014

Graveyard Shift Sisters is 1!

I can't remember what I was feeling the moments leading up to and during my drafting of the initial post here. In all sincerity, I didn't really even know exactly what I was doing. Although my initial statements may seem clear, I still had no idea the fruition of Graveyard Shift Sisters was going to be.

All I knew was that I was a Black woman, a die-hard horror fan, and saw the two as a unique perspective that was underserved in the horror community as a whole. I've experienced wonderful epiphanies from all the research on race within the genre. It has both made me own up to and remove some of the jaded feelings I had been harboring. We may be few, but enough people are putting in the work to explore this topic on an accessible, critical level. A deep and immense enjoyment of all the essays and discussions did not however fully erase my feelings of invisibility. But like many of life's journeys, it's a process.

But this blog isn't just about my own self discovery. I'm going to guess that many have felt a solidarity and solace with Graveyard Shift Sisters because it speaks (I hope) to the intersectionality and Black female presence within the genre that I grew tired, very quickly of being overlooked. I've learned so much over the past year about Black women in this community both as fans, writers and/or filmmakers that champion the genre. These fans have expressed articulately thoughts of exclusion and being severely marginalized as well as enthusiasm for how horror has shaped their social fortunes and identity.

Thank you contributors Kima, Candice, Eden, Jamie, Brittney-Jade, Crystal, Faye, Praxilla of Sicyon, and E Young! Without your multiple voices that even opened me up to fresh perspectives I never even recognized has been sobering. Additionally, you've saved my ass trying to produce content solo! New and innovative think pieces are no easy task by any means. Your words are not only some of the most popular stats wise with readers but also resonate in a way with folks who are willing to engage in the not always comfortable dialogues on race, period.

Those who've graciously agreed to share their experiences with us like Ternell, Zena, Sam, Sumiko, Cassie, Kima, Cara, VeeVee, Tiffany, Melody, Faye, Lary, Jamelle, The Curly Hair Mafia, Jacqueline, L.C., Nuzo, Kellee, Praxilla, Nicole, and Crystal. There's such a bittersweet trend in all your sentiments and Graveyard Shift Sisters exists because I knew your words may have not been given credence or even inquired about in this context.

It has been an extremely informative fun year of networking and encouragement. My only hope is that all that we've produced thus far can be a resource and solace for others as well as continue to conjure content on horror that may not be found in other spaces.

Thank you everyone for reading!

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