Sunday, October 19, 2014

#SciFiSunday: You Me & Her (2014) Trailer

A clever concept with a promising premise for maximum effort in character study, I only wish I saw its world premiere at Etheria Film Night this past July. You Me & Her (2014) is very much a story that could orbit into the mainstream if big studios weren't so preoccupied with over budgeted, blow 'em up science fiction fare they're convinced only males are interested in. The synopsis reads:

When 30 versions of one person pass through the wormhole at the Department of Parallel Resettlement, Anna discovers she is the worst possible version of herself.
Written and directed by AFI Directing Workshop alum Sarah Doyle, next to the film's two leads Shannon Woodward (Anna) and Tina "I love Mac!" Majorino (Erin) is a well known face in Black cinema, Paula Jai Parker as Karen who appears to be smart as a whip and a part of a lot of the action. 
Paula Jai Parker as Karen

Learn more about this 20 minute project from the links embedded above and watch the trailer below. 

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