Thursday, November 27, 2014

Mocha Memoir Press Presents... Ashes and Coffee by Sumiko Saulson

Enjoy one of five frightening tales of Death and his -or is it hers?--escapades with the living over your cup of coffee. Death's Cafe is now open...

Death is stalking Berkeley, California in a sleek new jacket and snazzy checkered fedora. Insects and animals collapse in his wake. When the indigent begin to mysteriously die in the streets, the rest of the town is indifferent. Red Montgomery, a nineteen year old black homeless woman, is the only one who can see him. She feels powerless to intervene. But is she?

"Some was gravely amiss in Berkeley. Red knew it, but who was going to believer her? She was young, black, female, and out on the streets. Those were four strikes against her. A girl like her could get shot asking for help, like Renisha McBride..."

Available now via Amazon & Barnes and Noble

About Sumiko Saulson

Sumiko Saulson is a dark speculative fiction writer. She writes horror, dark fantasy, and dystopic and apocalyptic science fiction. Her works include Solitude, Warmth, The Moon Cried Blood series, Things That Go Bump In My Head, and Happiness and Other Diseases. The child of African American and Russian-Jewish American parents, she grew up in California and Hawaii. Her works are frequently set in these places and generally feature culturally diverse characters. She has spent most of her adult life living in the San Francisco Bay Area and currently lives in Oakland.

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