Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Women Of Color in Horror: The Trailer Mixtape

I'm always excited to discover new and exciting genre work by women of color, but it isn't always easy. I've been fortunate to be in the company of those with similar interests who have shared some filmmakers and their work with me. Women of color continue to surprise me with their imaginations by creating some of the most remarkable shorts I've seen. Below are some recent trailer favorites and finds.

My Mom & Other Monsters (2011)

Writer/Director: Kate Tsang

San Francisco Bay Area transplant from Hong Kong, Kate grew up watching horror and a lot of television, which may have lead to some odd jobs with her local police department and shadowing morticians. A part of NYU's FMA Film Program, she's developed My Mom And Other Monsters, a darkly bright look at what happens when you're mom is a complete twit but your other-worldly, fancy free friends have a way of remedying your bleak, parental circumstance. Kate also specializes in special effects makeup.

Kate's Site | Twitter | Imdb

13 Witches (2012)

Writer/Director: Sabine Mondestin

A Canada native, Sabine has been an award winning writer and performer since she was a teenager. She's worn many hats in broadcasting/journalism and most recently with her effort, 13 Witches, a supernatural revenge tale that brings in the sexy. Additionally, Sabine runs her own production company, My Destiny Productions.
Web Series Home Page | Twitter | Facebook

Bloodtraffick (2011)

Writer/Director: Jennifer Thym

Founder of the production company RockGinger, Jennifer fought for her autonomous dream to be a filmmaker. She's an award-winning badass who makes sure to keep her resume diverse and is one of those women who wants to be doing those big blockbusters with robots. Look at the quality of her work, executives. I hope you're listening. Bloodtraffick blends action, thriller, and horror elements that centralize a woman on a mission to save her sisters.

RockGinger | Twitter | Facebook
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