Black Girls & Horror Comics: Malice In Ovenland

What happens with a brown girl from Queens goes on a monstrous misadventure through an oven portal? Speculatively focused publishing company Rosarium is happy to announce a new comic book series from Micheline Hess titled, Malice In Ovenland!

Lily Brown is a bright, curious, energetic young girl from Queens, New York. She lives with her mom and loves reading and writing and spending time with her friends. But she hates cleaning!

So, when her mom forces her to stay home for the summer instead of going off to some fun soccer or riding camp, Lily fumes. She wanted excitement and adventure. She didn't want to do chores. Little did she know that the greasy oven in the kitchen was going to give her more excitement and adventure than she could possibly handle.

About Micheline: Born and raised in NYC, Micheline Hess does design at a prominent ad agency in Chelsea and spends her spare time developing graphic novels, short stories, and interactive iBooks for kids. She has always been fascinated by the visual narrative in books and film and is constantly endeavoring to weave her own sense of humorous story-telling into both her personal and sometimes professional work. 

Micheline is most adept at creating characters and stories that provide a safe and fun way to inspire young children. Through colorful flights of fun and fancy, she hopes to encourage a stronger sense of self-love, friendship, and a hunger to embrace all things new and different in the world around them.

Issue 1 and the newly released Issue 2 is now available. Here's a peek at number two:

The dastardly Queen of the Oven Frites finally has our poor Lilly in her greasy grasp, and NO amount of unsaturated fat will loosen her deadly grip!

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