Thursday, March 5, 2015

Black Horror Films - Support Upcoming Project, Paralysis

True indeed, Black protagonists in horror are few and far in the realm of the genre. It's a relief to know that there's a critical and pro-active group of consumers, fans, artists, and creators who have grown tired of Black female and male genre characters being sidelined, un-centered, and underdeveloped. Screenwriter and director R. Shanea Williams is like many in this space, special because she takes to task this under-representation by universalizing the way in which an audience can see, value, and identify with a Black woman in genre film.

Paralysis will be her third short film that promises to be suspenseful and entertaining. As the synopsis reads:

Jessica, is an African American photographer suffering with a sleep disorder. After a painful divorce, Jessica moves into a new apartment and is plagued by terrifying occurrences, which she fears are coming from a supernatural entity. 

Williams is already known for looking into and humanizing the condition of mental illness within the Black community in her work. Her award-winning short Contamination tackles a debilitating fear of germs from the vantage of one woman's struggles. It is no surprise then, that Williams' direct venture into horror will go deep into the terrors of the mind and what it can conjure and alarmingly process:

There are very few films with African American protagonists that are complex and dynamic, defying genre. Paralysis is a psychological horror film. It will explore dreams, reality, the depths of the subconscious and our very human battle with inner demons. We will follow Jessica on a very intense and unsettling journey as she confronts monsters both “real” and invisible. 

Needless to say, I'm excited about this project and its mark in horror and representation of Black female characters. Williams will surely inspire others by being true to her vision.

Help make the $22,000 funding goal a reality by donating and sharing the Indiegogo campaign on all social media platforms!

Find R. Shanea Williams online:
Vision 75 / 80 Productions | Facebook | Twitter 
Paralysis is written and will be directed by R. Shanea Williams and produced by Anthony J. Davis.

Need more convincing? Prepared to be amazed and catch Contamination on Vimeo NOW! 

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