#SciFiSunday: Science Fiction Writer, Mia Mitns

Looking for fresh stories with multicultural characters from newly published writers in science fiction/fantasy in 2015?

Mia Mitns, the new science fiction writer on the block is a Spelman graduate currently residing in Texas. She currently has two published projects under her belt. Her latest, Tea Leaf: What Lies Beneath is an urban fantasy tale with plenty of action/sci-fi with a twist of romance:

Cinnia's life is on the brink of transformation: a new career as a scientist at Sciecor, a change in friendships, and a new neighbor.  At Sciecor, secrets are hidden in the basement. The change in her friendships is something Cinnia does not want to face. The new neighbor seems to have a hidden agenda. Are they all connected? Cinnia soon realizes things are not as they appear; that magic lives outside of fairy tales and we are not alone in the universe. Will Cinnia be able to handle her new destiny? 

Her alien invasion short story "Fallen", is a part of the series Fallen Invasion:

Marli just moved to the country from Dallas, Texas to work as an ecologist. One night, she tries to enjoy the fresh country air before getting ready to go to sleep. To her surprise, something falls out of the sky, initiating her first alien contact.

You can purchase Tea Leaf and Fallen Invasion now on Amazon!

To stay up to date on Mia's work and find out more about the woman behind the pen, follow her on social media:

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