Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spooky Cosmetics with Cara's Ten Three Labs

You may never catch me in a dress and definitely not with a hand purse, but I do enjoy indulging in wearing make up. The fun and colorful transformation of your face and the variations it can take on is a trial and error type of fun I've had a personally uncommon amount of patience for.

Ten Three Labs, an independently owned online cosmetics shop from Cara Davis (@caradeedavis) mixes and concocts some seriously enticing salves, scents, and shadows that I couldn't pass up a chance of purchasing; now and in the future. Forgo Covergirl and Mac, Ten Three is in the cruelty free game and art genre alternative with names like All Vamp Everything to Sinister Reputation. Frankly, she has a customer for life.

Although Halloween has passed and many wait patiently for its 2015 return, I thought it fitting to try out Ten Three's "first mini collection," Howl O'Ween Collection back in October. Halloween is Cara's favorite holiday and she loves werewolves as much as I do! I could not pass up trying something "horror"y and look forward to whatever she has planned this Fall.

Hesitant about any shade of green in general, I started with a sample of this shimmery tint and primarily use it for a more dramatic eye when I don't have to go anywhere formal and just wanna have fun with my options. Although green still ain't my color, it's great for mixing with other shades.

My favorites from this collection: That Goat Got Devil Eyes! & Mouth

Additionally, the scent Fair Season is a treasure of an earth brisk whiff of autumn that you both want to bath in and bomb your house with. I think Cara should make it one of her staples.

Back in November, I indulged in Ten Three Labs' Black Friday Sale and picked up some wicked additions for my budding collection: Thank You For Loving Me, Naughty List, Nightlock, Ravish Me, and Sinister Reputation!

Ten Three's lip smudges and salves give off a pleasant scent that's not overpowering and does a fantastic job as a moisturizer. I now have more than I probably should and have since ordered her Cocoa Puffs salve which is just a treat.

Not only is Ten Three Labs a solid shop for your cosmetic needs, but ultimately supports a small business owned by a highly creative Black woman, who only as a whipped bonus, loves horror!

Find Ten Three Labs on Facebook | Twitter | then Shop!

Check out Cara's interview with Graveyard Shift Sisters here where she talks about her love for the genre and writing/publishing!
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