Friday, April 17, 2015

The #FridayNightHorror EP

There's almost no dispute that a good film soundtrack boosts a films presence in the audiences memory. With growing interest in #FridayNightHorror, it's been fun to track some of the trends in each live tweet. One major trend, the audio behind the visuals, is at times the pinnacle of talk during and after the event's run.

Here are the top three that have been popular amongst participants!

Demons - Title Theme

Claudio Simonetti: Composer/Producer/Keyboard Player
Brazillian born, bred in Italy. Began recording music with the group, Goblin.
Additional Composer Credits: Suspiria (1977), Dawn Of The Dead (1978), Tenebrae (1982) and more!

"Partytime" by 45 Grave

Formed in Los Angeles, CA in 1979. Recognized as "one of the first bands to mix punk rock with horror-themed lyrics".

"Supernatural Voodoo Woman" by The Originals 

Formed in Detroit, MI in 1966. Labeled as "Motown's best-kept secret."

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