Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Kickstart Savage Sistas!

After much patience, building, thorough research and a little bit of faith, filmmaker Dan Smith has finally put the power in our hands to prove all those who said his project, Savage Sistas wouldn't work.

Four leading ladies of color in a horror film is something remarkable, but there's also the promise that Vonetta, Pam, Rosalind, and Tamara's journey will be replete with sympathy, dread, inspiration, and triumph. A narrative that not only supplies agency, but a completeness within each of them and an engagement in their friendship with each other. After many a talk with Smith about this vibrant group, I am confident that Savage Sistas will fulfill its role in The Hills Have Eyes/Wrong Turn sub-genre and make an impression on how critical it is to have horror films reflect our reality in a responsible yet entertaining fashion unlike ever before.

*From the press release

If you like a good old-fashioned horror film packed with crazed serial killers, edge-of-your-seat suspense and bloody retribution, look no further than SAVAGE SISTAS.

When a group of girl friends from LA hit the road to Vegas for a weekend of fun they find themselves stranded on a desert highway and stalked by a family of psychotic killers. You don’t have to be a fan of horror to guess where this is going… but there’s a good chance you’d be wrong.

SAVAGE SISTAS takes the roadside horror genre into new territory by featuring 4 amazing Black women in the leading roles.

Writer/director Dan Smith is dead serious about SAVAGE SISTAS, and insists that it’s not a joke or some type of Blaxploitation parody. “It’s the kind of horror film I’ve always wanted to see, with strong characters who actually make the right decisions and take the right actions… These women aren’t disposable cliches… they’re freaking awesome!"

Kickstarter projects have only 30 days to raise the funds they need… if they don’t meet their goal they receive nothing. That’s how it works.

Tired of snarky teens, found footage and flying sharks? If you want to see something truly different in the horror genre, support SAVAGE SISTAS on Kickstarter now!

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