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The Making Of Scary Pop: Michael Jackson's "Thriller"

Michael Jackson's "Thriller", that about fourteen minute music video with the pop icon in red leather get-up, a werewolf, zombies, and a frightened young woman who looked eerily like one of my mother's closest friends at the time all managed to successfully scare the hell out of me. After watching it for the first time not too long after its release, I immediately became cautious before turning every dark corner and made sure my nightlight bulb was fresh. I even imagined I could watch it during the day time and the imagery would lose its effect. So I did. That was a joke.

Black Women Horror Writers: Nuzo Onoh's Unhallowed Graves

By Eden Royce ( @EdenRoyce ) Nuzo Onoh is a British writer of African heritage from the Igbo tribe in what was formerly known as The Republic of Biafra. During their civil war with Nigeria, Onoh had several family members die in the conflict. That war had a great impact on her writing style. For people whose lives have become full of such brutality and carnage, their stories become full of tales about death and the afterlife.

#SciFiSunday: Advantageous & The Future Of Aging

By Carolyn Mauricette   ( @vfdpixie ) As a middle-aged woman who doesn’t look or feel her age, I am still very aware of how growing older excludes you from the club of progressive youth.  It is difficult to find one’s place in the millennial world, with activities such as job searches and dating catering more to the young and hip who fit the target market, while fashion choices leave me wondering if I am too old to shop in some stores or still too young (and broke) to shop in others. It is a conundrum of how you are perceived and accepted in society and what you perceive your real self to be.  This culture of smooth skin, slim bodies, fresh ideas and technology running rampant under the banner of healthy living for a new age is nothing new; it is a cycle of life that leaves those of us who are near or at the age where we don’t fit in struggling to find a footing. In Jennifer Phang’s feature film Advantageous , we get a first-hand account of what the consequences of aging and a