Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fallon Grey: The New Slayer In Town

Marvel has unleashed excitement amongst the black girl nerd community! During San Diego Comic Con 2015, a new superhero was revealed. Not just any superhero, but a woman of color. She presents a breath of fresh air, something we’ve been missing in the modern world of superheroes. From the initial reveal, it appears this new character will be an instant fan favorite: the daughter of Blade, Fallon Grey will be featured in a new series.

The African American comic book character turned big screen film franchise Blade generated a movie trilogy and a television show. Also known as Eric Brooks, he was a notorious and skilled vampire hunter. Blade himself is half vampire, half human because Blade’s mother was bitten by a vampire before giving birth to him. The vampire venom was transferred in the process.

Now his daughter, described as a popular high school teen will carry the torch to help fight immortal creatures. Fallon will inherent her father’s unique qualities. She will have the challenges of maintaining her high school cool-girl status as she discovers her abilities as a daywalker. The new comic series debuts this upcoming October. It will introduce a new variety of monsters and demons to add more fun and fear for the readers. In addition, the series will explore the trials and tribulations of the family bond between a father and his daughter.

Fallon's character opens up more than just a new comic book to read. She offers little girls of color a new Halloween costume, and cosplayers a new character to portray. Her character shows black girls another side of heroism, and not a damsel in distress. The more women of color we see being presented as strong and intelligent, the more women of color will be inspired to create, promote, and support these type of multidimensional characters. 

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