Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Images From Upcoming Horror Film, American Exorcist

The only thing that can get me more excited about a horror film with a Black female lead is a horror film filmed and based in my hometown. Philadelphia filmmakers Tony Trov and Johnny Zito of South Fellini have already established their talent with 2013's Alpha Girls which I thoroughly enjoyed. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, they're back pushing their latest project, American Exorcist starring Falon Joslyn (also the star of Alpha Girls) and the incomparable Bill Moseley.

The story goes: A paranormal investigator finds herself trapped in a haunted high rise on Christmas Eve.
I'm digging the simplicity of the breakdown because they'll be plenty left to the imagination going in as a viewer. I much prefer the element of surprise.

In April, Fangoria did a spotlight with some wicked amazing images I had to share. They have me frothing with anticipation!

Photos courtesy of South Fellini & Fangoria

I'm hoping I'll be able to catch a local screening and share my experience.

Check out South Fellini's interview with our friend Martin, the host of It Came From The Indies live from the Philadelphia Podcast Society's Podcast Fair

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