Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Monster Mania 31 Recap

Cherry Hill, New Jersey's semi-annual Monster Mania convention is for the horror commune-deprived during rest of the year in the Philadelphia area and beyond. Gathered were an eclectic legion of collector hungry manics in an expansive yet dense first floor hotel from July 31 to August 2. Overall, I loved seeing the old faces I adore, new faces I was glad to finally greet, and of course, one particular actress who's a fan of what we're doing here!

I made sure Rachel True (@RachelTrue) was my first priority when I arrived. A friend was there to bring me out of my crippling modesty, so when she realized I'm the wizard behind the @GraveyardSister curtain, we had a conversation built on mutual admiration. I can't say enough about how warm and fun Rachel was and I'm glad a small legion of us got to let her know how important we think she was in her role as Rochelle in The Craft and all of her other screen credits. Someone actually brought a copy of Half Baked for her to sign which I found delightful. I told her I'm ready for TVOne to bring Half & Half back into their scheduling rotation.

Rachel also does Tarot readings! If you're ever in L.A. and interested, you can find her online first at www.truehearttarot.com

There's always more to purchase than your arms can carry and enough to make your bank account weep. As a seasoned convention attendee, I've learned to keep an eye out on the things that are extremely rare, Blu-ray's are on the real discount tip, and horror-twinged necessities that feed my bag habit beast.

I have been looking for Freddy's Nightmares for the longest time and finally, someone was selling it! The quality on screen for what is essentially a "bootleg" copy is solid and would only be appreciated by those who grew up watching television in the 1980's.

There's always a Troma booth so I realized that I needed to look for Def By Temptation to add to my growing library. It's got some awesome features (like an interview with Ernest Dickerson) that I'm looking forward to getting into.

How could I resist The Stuff! Horror Decor is the essence of extreme satisfaction for your home supplies, complete with the candle you see above that I hope doesn't morph and try to swallow me. It has a pleasant marshmallow scent and nope, it's not edible.

The Walking Dead Michonne comic tote was sold by Pretty Spooky Handmade; all recycled, all handmade!

Along with my regular Jersey dwelling besties I got a chance to chat with Matt (@Nightmare365com) from nightmare365.com who's got a great website and podcast for ALL your Halloween inquiries! Shout out to filmmaker KC Chamberlain (@KC_Chamberlain), Shelita (@SMTVAddict), and Birth. Movies. Death. writer Phil Noble Jr. (@PhilNobleJr) for being brief but wonderful company. I was happy to finally meet the fellows and be in Shelita's energetic presence with her crew as well.

My only regret was not being able to see the panels I wanted. That's usually my favorite part of conventions but timing was on epic levels of horrible for me to get to any of them. But the horror yin to my horror yang Latanya Renee (@SprinklesnBooze) got some great video from the Scream/The Craft panel!

Coming all the way from Connecticut, I was over the moon that Latanya came down for a few hours to socialize and be her naturally vibrant self!

Below are some additional photos of all the happening stuff Monster Mania has to offer. If you're a horror fan, you owe it to yourself to at least attend one in your life. And my sisters, I highly encourage you to come out and be seen. You are valuable and belong in these spaces just as much as anyone. You'll be amazed at the community/networking that can be had in a safe space like this where, to quote The Craft: "We are the weirdos..."

Adrian Kali Turner (Duane Jones in The Walking Dead)
The usual friendship crew, Rae Winters & Jenny Dreadful

Solid Leatherface cosplay with Jenny Dreadful

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