Sunday, September 6, 2015

#SciFiSunday: Meagan Good Is Sci Fi TV's Latest Leading Lady

The world has reached 2064 and ten years after an experimental Precrime program has ended, a cop and a "precog" (one who foresees the future in flashes) in Washington D.C. connect to prevent crimes from happening. This is the base for Steven Spielberg's film-to-TV action/sci-fi thriller Minority Report that's causing a calm ripple in the genre television market. Most notably for one of its leads, a Black actress in the form of the lovely Meagan Good.

Good will play Detective Lara Vega, a cop with a wealthy backstory that plays seamlessly into the person Lara is presently; tough, ambitious, authoritative, sensitive, and burdened.

You may recognize Meagan as the little kid with the hat and overalls in Friday whom since, has built a towering resume with a relative amount of genre work (Eve's Bayou, Venom, One Missed Call, Saw V, The Unborn). 

With CBS' Extant pulling in steady viewership, it's great that Good gets the opportunity be an addition to television's latest leading ladies (of color) in science fiction. She's spoken openly about her excitement about this role and being hired based on her talent and not her skin color: 

I think it has been definitely an incredible year for minorities as well, and I’m blessed to be in the forefront of that. Hopefully that will just continue to manifest and just be something that we see more often. But in this particular case, it’s just exciting, because it’s us, and we were hired for doing incredible work.

I haven't been this interested in what would be considered a solid science fiction television series in a long time. The trailer gave me not only the attitude of a story with legs of longevity, but an expansive freshness in how important both Good's Vega and precog Dash's (Stark Sands) evolution as people will be to their universe. All hope points to its sleek aesthetic having a lot of substance to back it.

Minority Report premiered on FOX Monday, September 21st at 9:00PM EST!

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