Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Twinge, An Ambitious Horror Feature Launches Inventive Campaign

Film producer and writer Veetra "VeeVee" King wants to "change the way people view black women in horror". Her sparkling persistence has kept her soon-to-be horror film, Twinge swimming in our consciousness. She along with her team are constantly accessing inventive ways to spread the word about this rather dark and layered endeavor. Twinge is about a Camille, a wife and mother who snaps after her children die in a car accident. With her grandma’s special tea concoction, she’s on a mission to replace the children she's lost. 

But this fresh chance at motherhood doesn’t come without a price. The evil side effect of the tea causes her new children to have a thirst for blood, and desperation causes them to do whatever it takes to keep their loving family together.

The multi-racial cast and crew is an exciting part of this project with faces you've seen on The Walking Dead, Straight Outta Compton, Jason X, as well as Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles along with crew members that are noted for mentoring well known directors such as Hype Williams. It's important to note the eclectic body of individuals that will come together to demonstrate how critical representation is behind and in front of the camera. 

The current $20,000 goal will be the seed money for securing talent and various other legal fees to ensure VeeVee's vision remains protected. She promises that Twinge, "is not the same tedious, horror-themed tale that is currently saturating the film market. It is a truly terrifying narrative of familial obsession and madness. Anchored by a stellar cast and unparalleled crew, Twinge is primed to be a cinematic success; a story that is aching to be told…"

The first 500 people to purchase a $25.00 t-shirt will make this first big budgeting step a success, earning a spot in the film's movie credits and social media staples. With 20 days left, our hope is to give VeeVee and Twinge the boost it needs!

Support & Share is the motto for this campaign:

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