Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Graveyard Shift Sisters Is Nominated For A Rondo Award!

With much excitement, I am happy to announce that Graveyard Shift Sisters has been nominated for a Rondo Award in the Best Website Or Blog Of 2015 category!

The Rondo Awards or, The Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards are a non-sponsored, fan-based award showcase created by David Colton and Kerry Gammill in 2002. Anyone (that means you) can vote and "are selected from suggestions by horror fans, pros and enthusiasts" then finalized by the folks behind the Rondo curtain. You all have been lookin' out for this space and to that, I say a ginormous, heartfelt Thank You for the encouragement, outreach, and community building we have established in order to continue to make the voices of women of color heard and acknowledged in the horror industry.

I know you're just itching to cast your vote! Here's how:

*From rondoaward.com

All voting is by e-mail only. Simply copy the ballot (cut-and-paste works fine) and send an e-mail with your picks to me, David Colton, at taraco@aol.com by Sunday night at midnight, April 10, 2016.

You can send a quick e-mail, or you can cut-and-paste the ballot and highlight your choices, place an X next to your choices, or you can type your choices in an e-mail. And no, you do not have to vote in every category.

One vote per person, please. Every e-mail must include your name to be counted. All votes are kept strictly confidential. No e-mail addresses or personal information will ever be shared with anyone.

Feel free to spread the word about the Rondo voting — go social on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Place Rondo banners on websites, urge friends and fans to vote. But please do not mass-produce or duplicate ballots; suspicious ballots will be rejected at the sole discretion of Rondo organizers. Let’s keep this a fun vote!

Again TO VOTE e-mail your picks to taraco@aol.com

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