Sunday, April 3, 2016

#SciFiSunday: Attack The Block DVD Giveaway Challenge

One British film emerged from 2011 that managed to both wow critics and expose genre fans to a still presently shadowed science fiction adventure tale titled, Attack The Block. Its piercingly esoteric language yet universal approach to friendship, consciousness and survival is what has made the well-deserved positive buzz about the film so consistent. Attack The Block stands as one significant step forward in pushing back on the resistance of who and how to frame the hero. John Boyega's performance as Moses still gives me cathartic goosebumps as his arc makes him visible to a world, a people who would quickly label him a criminal, never a hero. And that's the complicated and fascinating factor that Attack The Block runs with and explores throughout its nuanced, action-packed run time.

Never should a film like this continue to be so overlooked. And never should we imagine that the liberties Attack The Block has taken can't be expanded upon or matched. Continuing to think about this film, even beyond what I've said in the past led to an idea of having an Attack The Block DVD Giveaway Challenge!

Diablo Cody once made a poignant point about why she loved the horror genre: "When I watched movies like The Goonies and E.T., it was boys having adventures. When I watched Nightmare on Elm Street, it was Nancy beating up Freddy."

Do the guys in sci-fi really have all the fun?

Here's the challenge:

If you got the opportunity to cast an Attack The Block sequel with five female protagonists as alien slayers, whom would you choose and why?

Offer brief explanations of why you would select each.

Your picks for young actresses that are capable of shining as brightly as Boyega along with his core co-stars will be featured in a future #SciFiSunday blog series post and you'll receive the DVD to add to your library and hopefully, a friends-and-family night in screening.

The deadline to submit your top five is Saturday, April 30th before midnight.

Email your entry as a Word document attachment please along with your name, bio, and picture of yourself or one representative of you to

Best of luck!

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