Horror Favorites, with Horror Comedy Auteur Mika Madness

NYC/Yonkers own Mika "Madness" Kenyah (@MikaKenyah) is an award-winning actress, writer, poet, and yes, game changer. Her years of experience in the entertainment industry has led her to developing Sugar & Spikes Casting, an agency that provides a variety of support for the aesthetically alt artist and casting directors in need of the talent. Along with her own unique sense of style and inspired love for the horror genre, Mika is breaking through on critically acclaimed shows ("Orange Is The New Black") as well as with her impressive, innovative, and funny as hell (literally) Vine videos.

What feels like the millennial Beverly Bonner (of Frank Henenlotter Basket Case fame), Mika Madness is the bright spot of red and rampage in the intersection of horror and comedy. Do yourself a favor and check out Shuga Brown the Demon Hunter to gain some laughs and appreciation for this talented artist that I have no doubt will continue to prosper with her autonomous vision.

Ashlee: Favorite horror films with dolls?

Mika Madness: Puppet Master. I used to be afraid of hanging my feet over the couch.

Ashlee: Favorite horror film with ghosts?

Mika Madness: Thirteen Ghosts. I dont find many people who agree with me though, lol.

Ashlee: The remake or original? That would make a difference!

Mika Madness: I actually liked the remake! I am a huge fan over the top campy silliness. It makes for a good drinking game film.

Ashlee: I give a lot of films that pass as well! Favorite horror film with witches?

Mika Madness: Hmmm. The Craft was my era. That's during a time I wanted to be a witch and so it speaks to those years of being in high school and feeling different and then feeling empowered by my difference.

Ashlee: That film was pivotal to a lot of people. I loved it when I first saw it as well. Favorite horror film with demons?

Mika Madness: Hmmm, there are so many but...Evil Dead, Night of the Demons, Hellraiser...

Ashlee: Nice! How about your favorite horror film with mirrors?

Mika Madness: Candyman. I love that scenery and the enviroment that movie took place. I love New Orleans; it felt rich in culture.

Ashlee: Excellent choice! The first film was Chicago and Candyman 2 was New Orleans, right?

Mika Madness: Hmmm, I believe so...I do remember feeling both films made its location kind of like a character.

Ashlee: Very true.

Mika Madness: I hate when places pretend to be NYC and it's obviously not, lol.

Ashlee: Like Jason Takes Manhattan? Lol, that's the joke but I hear ya.

Mika Madness: Hahahhahaha nothing makes New Yorkers madder than being a poser, lol.

Ashlee: Favorite horror film with snakes?

Mika Madness: Anaconda...My family is from Peru so I have heard many tales.

Ashlee: You're gonna have to elaborate on that with me at another time. Favorite horror film with aliens?

Mika Madness: Aliens is the first alien movie my mom has ever showed me  and I love that Sigourney Weaver was such a badass. But I always loved the concept of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. You can be gardening one day and then taken over by some other being. I think that's scarier. At least with Aliens I can say, well, I will never take my ass to space, lol.

Ashlee: Great choices. Body Snatchers has a similar effect on me. Favorite horror film franchise?

Mika Madness: A Nightmare on Elm Street. It contributed to my childhood insomnia but
as I got older it became so hilarious. Again it takes something we cant fight...which is sleep and makes it horrifying. But then the villain has so much personality and character, unlike Michael Myers and Jason.

Ashlee: I agree of course because I'm a Freddy girl. Favorite horror film hero?

Mika Madness: Ash from Evil Dead and Ellen Ripley from Alien. I think they both speak to two different sides of me. On one hand Ash is a jerk and a loveable jerk and has a lot of flaws and Ellen speaks to that woman empowerment part of me.

Ashlee: I like that. Favorite horror film villain?

Mika Madness: Hmmm, you know I will go with Jigsaw. I tend to like the idea of a bad guy who is put into a position to become the neccessary evil out of circumstances the audience can sympathize with and then that person's ideology becomes a catalyst in creating other bad guys.

Ashlee: That's really insightful and why I think the franchise was so popular.

Mika Madness: I also like smart bad guys too. Organizing all that take a great deal of planning.

Ashlee: Especially in our current times.

Mika Madness: Lol, definitely!

Ashlee: Favorite horror film comedy?

Mika Madness: This is a genre very dear to my heart and is the core of most of the content I create. Rocky Horror Picture Show, Cabin Fever, Tales from the Crypt, and Jack Frost is another ridiculous movie I love. The last one I've seen was a movie called Cooties.

Ashlee: I can totally see that. You balance horror and comedy very well in your work. I loved Cooties!

Mika Madness: Thank you!!! And yesssss, I thought it was brilliant.

Ashlee: Favorite horror film scene?

Mika Madness: Ahhh, easy. Nancy in the tub when she dozes off and Freddy's hand is between her legs. That shot is one of the best shots I have ever seen. It's a scary idea because people fall asleep in tubs all the time, but it is slightly a sexy scene in a terrible way. I like dancing that blurred line.

Another scene for me is in Puppet Master when the guy is tied to the bed and that one doll comes up on him and starts spitting out leeches. He thinks it's a chick being sexy. Again playing with that theme of horror and sex.

Ashlee: I never thought of falling asleep in the tub being a thing until I saw that film for the first time.

Mika Madness: Hahahhaha, and I am sure you totally avoided it too!

Ashlee: Yeah, I don't do well with sluggy things either so job well done with that Puppet Master scene! Favorite horror film kill?

Mika Madness: Final Destination; the car accident scene.

Ashlee: Which sequel was that? Wait- the bus one?

Mika Madness: I think 2! It was on the highway at the beginning of the film...I think.

Ashlee: But not the bridge, right? Because that's one of my greatest fears!

Mika Madness: Hahahhaha, no I don't think so. It was just the worst car accident ever! But I don't remember the bridge there.

Ashlee: I don't think I saw that sequel. The bridge/bus accident one freaked me out. Favorite horror TV show?

Mika Madness: American Horror Story...100%. All of them. I am a huge fan of Ryan Murphy.
It's cinematicly beautiful, risque, unique with relatable characters all at the same time.

Ashlee: Favorite horror book?

Mika Madness: Books of Blood and The Abarat (It's more fantasy, sci-fi with horror elements but amazing) Both are written by Clive Barker who wrote Hellraiser. Also Interview With A Vampire by Anne Rice. I read that book at 9 years old and it has a great influence on my style.

Ashlee: I'm familiar with those. I have Cabal and love his prose. Good stuff.

Mika Madness: Wonderful!

Ashlee: Favorite horror collectible you own?

Mika Madness: I am starting a scary teddy bear collection. I have a Captain Spalding teddy bear. But typically I collect horror shirts. I have maybe over 100 or so. I also have a lot of props from my digital shorts; body parts and such.

Ashlee: Okay, the shirt game sounds amazing. And a Captain Spalding teddy bear?!?!?! LOL!

Mika Madness: Lol, it's so cute!

Ashlee: Horror film that you hate but everyone else loves?

Mika Madness: I feel like I have a hatred for a lot of the newer horror films coming out now. They're not very scary at all. It's the Paranormal Activity, Blair Witch Project style films. I feel like maybe my younger sisters can enjoy it but I have seen far too many things that make those films look like a class project. Maybe I am out of touch, lol. But I do think the concept is smart. And all the fans of those movies probably didnt have a parent who let them watch Pet Semetary at age 5.

Ashlee: Interesting... Horror film that you love but everyone else hates?

Mika Madness: The Human Centipede and Itchi the Killer.

Ashlee: I've never heard of Itchi. Human Centipede is pretty polarizing.

Mika Madness: I think a lot of people aren't into the gross, gore stuff these days.

Ashlee: Horror film character that you hate but everyone else loves?

Mika Madness: That's a tough one! I hate the dentist in the movie The Dentist but not sure if people love him. Also, I hated the leprechaun.

Ashlee: Lol, I don't think he's widely known or beloved but I like the pick. He always symbolized 90's conservatism to me. Leprechaun, yes.

Mika Madness: Yessss...I absolutely agree with that. And good point, hahaha.

Ashlee: Horror film character that you love but everyone else hates?

Mika Madness: Can I say Dr. Frank N Furter? He just wanted to have a good time...so misunderstood! I think people hate the clown from I but I love him.

Ashlee: I think he's a fan favorite. Not in the movie perhaps. Wait- maybe I'm confused.

Mika Madness: Hahaha, I am not too sure on polarizing characters, but maybe it's because I block out the haters.

Ashlee: That's totally fine. You'll find opposition in anything you love.

Mika Madness: My fiance is not a horror fan so he dislikes everything I like.

Ashlee: Thanks for joining me for this chat!

Mika Madness: Of course! Thank YOU!

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