My Final Girl: The Internet Archive and Database

The evolution of My Final Girl: Black Women in American Horror Cinema continues! Scholar and archivist Kristina Leath-Malin is working hard on making one of the most extensive resources committed to preserving the stories and historical trajectory of Black women in the genre.

This interactive site offers the following and more:
The Scholarship page will be available for free soon (but I encourage y'all to donate $5.00 for access for now and shop). There you'll find timelines, databases, and quizzes, along with recommended reading that has helped frame the larger narrative of this project. I personally cannot wait to see what the final documentary will entail, plus, the written thesis I hope we'll become available soon.

Additionally, you can participate in the exercise of celebrating #Blackwomeninhorror as well!

Instagram "Black Horror" Fans Video Blasts: Want to be a part of the My Final Girl Instagram page? Post a 14 seconds or less video answering, "Who's your favorite Black horror movie actress?" or What's your favorite Black horror movie? and be sure to tag @myfinalgirl!

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