Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Conjuring DVD Giveaway

It's no accident that horror is such a huge component of my existence. I have always been in a permanent state of challenging my fears. Even the most visceral attachments I find myself having with certain films live up to this challenge. 2013's The Conjuring is one of the most recent examples. Not only do I succumb to the re-watch, but this loosely based, true life paranormal experience drives ponderings that lead to chilling discoveries of what to believe, and how to interpret the 'facts'.

Malevolent entities and haunted houses scare me. Every home I've lived in, I make sure certain sounds and shapes in the dark are earthly. I'm hyper aware of descending stairs at any given time of the day. I make sure there are patterns to the character of the house in order to be on my heels for anything, out of character. I watch too many horror movies I suppose. But I know that they, in a hyper-neurotic sense make me smarter.

Adding to its charm with superlative leads in Ed and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson) and a director with an intense style (James Wan), The Conjuring's allure for me is a polished, yet gritty and grim snapshot into the lives of the Warren and Perron families back in 1970. What we see in the film is the attempted breakdown of the Perron's with matriarch Carolyn (played by Lili Taylor) as a conduit for demonic possession. While I was underwhelmed by the Hollywood ending, the build up was intense. And a film with its three anchors in Farmiga, Wilson, and Wan is well worth a move forward with another case file from Ed and Lorraine.

The Conjuring 2 is blessing theaters on Friday, June 10 and I'll be there opening night.

Let's countdown together with your chance to win the first film on DVD!

Simply tweet or tag us (@GraveyardSister) a woman of color who has been possessed by something not-of-this-world in a horror film using the #Blackwomeninhorror hashtag before midnight on June 10th and a winner will be selected at random.

We will announce the winner on Friday morning of the 10th.

Good luck!

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