Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Horror Honeys Produce All-Women Ran Horror Magazine, Belladonna

Long standing online horror multimedia experience with heart, The Horror Honeys are using this summer to launch a brand new venture which opens more doors for women writers who love horror. With the enormous amount of content accumulated over the years, Head Honey Kat has decided to turn it into a "print on demand and digital download magazine," Belladonna. Note this venture in horror history as one of "the first female staffed and written horror magazines, and we're determined to make it bloody amazing."

When I asked about expanding The Horror Honeys brand into publishing, Kat responded, "We like to keep evolving when it comes to showcasing what the various Honeys and guest contributors have to offer, and after three years as a web based entity, we've been feeling a little like we're at a plateau. A website and blog is essentially just that... it's hard to measure if people are enjoying it, and it's hard to claim any kind of legitimacy when anyone with an opinion can open a blog and write whatever they want.

The magazine is our chance to lend some weight to what we do - the website is full of high quality writing, but we worry that it gets lost in the shuffle of the interwebs. Many of us have written for other print magazines and there's nothing like seeing your name in print, and that's something we want to provide for our contributors... an elevated platform to share our passion for the genre."

The Horror Honeys

The one thing I've always loved about The Honeys is their commitment to being one of the few avenues for other women to really have a chance to express their perspectives on the genre. "What I'm most proud of is the fact that despite all of the ups and downs, we are creating a community of extremely supportive, brilliant woman who are passionate as fuck about this genre and about film appreciation and what it means on the grander scale as an examination of who we are as people," says Kat. "I love talking to these ladies, and even when we disagree, there's always a good discussion to be had. I'm proud of the fact that people trust our opinions, and that there are so many people that support us and what we're doing. I don't know if we're changing the genre or anything, but I hope we're chipping away at the 'girls don't watch horror movies' stigma a little bit at a time."

Belldonna is currently accepting pitches for reviews, interviews with stars in the genre, think-pieces, retrospectives and in-depth film essays.

Deadline for complete work is the 1st of each month.

Interested? Contact Kat (horrorhoneys@gmail.com)

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