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Haunting Web Series, The Ghost & The Negro

Framed for a bizarre murder, a bookstore keeper teams up with a self proclaimed ghost hunter to track down the killer. ( Source ) A blend of the southern gothic and film noir, The Ghost and The Negro is a new web series from Alabama-based creator Sylvester K. Folks ( @Slyvester_Folks ). In the first three episodes, we're introduced to Sydney (Demise Harp) who just appears to be a casually passionate bookstore keep whose rational disposition is challenged when strange and unfortunate circumstances lead him to a startling revelation from new bookstore regular, Hattie (Daniela Cobb).

Bwitches: The Intersectionally Magic Web Series

Maddie and Reese are two Hollywood dwelling friends managing the typical challenges young women and women of color face both trying to pay the bills and establish themselves in the entertainment industry. Their majestic distinction is the advantage of a natural inclination for witchcraft, but challanges abound. Because even a spell or two can't quite broom fly over "the patriarchy."

Love For The Brothers: Miguel Nunez Jr.

He's that guy you've seen in about a dozen films and television roles that you know has done more. Many horror fans know him from two very prominent roles, some know just the face from a few widely released Hollywood projects, while others know him to be a " Chitlin' Circuit " Black actor of sorts in heavy rotation. Miguel Nunez Jr., or Demon or Juwanna Mann to whomever you ask has had a steady career in front and behind the camera that has trickled prosperously for over three decades. There's way too many titles to name as his resume is this diverse hodge podge of A, B, and C labeled flicks and television series along with a fistful of many upcoming projects. Unfortunately, none of them seem to be genre. Which is where I first fell hard for my desire to hang with him like Reggie the Reckless. However, his past genre titles do at least make up a portion of his work. Black horror titles, Trapped: Haitian Nights (2010) and Dolls of Voodoo (2013) ( Dol

Val-en-tina (2015) Movie Review

When a high profile politician makes a controversial statement on immigration reform, he soon finds himself in hot water with his powerful, Mexican-American mistress and awakens a dark entity that, until now, has walked undisturbed alongside her. Written by  Jaquita Ta'le &  Carlton Byrd Directed by  Araeia Robinson Almost any horror film has the capability of being read as inheritently political. There's a message one viewer receives based on their own educated observations about the world around them. Currently in 2016 with an explosive election cycle in the United States for our next president, the overtly political genre films being released are buzzing about, making valuable use of its accuracy in this very moment.