Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Black Horror Web Mystery: 5Knives (2016)

A great mystery finds its strength with characters that an audience will enjoy watching put the pieces of a compelling story together. When your characters are the one in a knot of a harrowing circumstance, anxiety levels sky rocket as you watch paranoia and the unsavory things it makes people do unfold. An independent thriller with an all-Black cast promises to deliver this and more with 5Knives.

Kar Logan (Barry) writes, directs, and stars in this "thriller/modern day murder mystery" where we find five friends coming out of a slumber, each cradling a similar, sharp weapon, blood on their hands, and the dead body of their sixth dearest, lifeless in another room. Time is not on their side as every emotion in the human condition is purged in order to figure out what exactly happened the night before.

5Knives has an extensive sneak peek available now and more to come, hopefully soon!

Also starring Nicolette Ellis (Stephanie), Eric Hardy (Donnie), Korey Graham (Cameron), Cylla Senii (Tiffany), David Clarke (Vince).

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