Thursday, August 25, 2016

Kristina Leath-Malin's Stephen King Film Adaptation, One For The Road

Kristina Leath-Malin, creator of My Final Girl is back on her horror grind with a fresh spin on Stephen King's short story, "One for the Road" a sequel to 1975's Salem's Lot. Her film, using the same title, One for the Road is about two women who combat a coven of female vampires in order to save a family in peril. One for the Road is available for adaptation through Stephen King's "Dollar Babies" program, which are "stories not under contract for movies, which means they are available for film students who want to try their hands at a Stephen King story."

It's widely understood that crowdfunding is not only one of the most accessible ways to help indpendent artists executive their projects that want to engage and entertain an audience, but additionally, it's always been about investing in the artist.

Kristina has not only been an inspiration for Graveyard Shift Sisters to continue to push the work and experiences of women of color in the horror and science fiction genres through her work with My Final Girl, but she's been a funny, hardworking, and fiercely dedicated friend.

Kristina is a visual artist, curator, published author, documentary filmmaker, researcher, and phenomenal speaker on Black women in American horror cinema.

One for the Road will incorporate pertinent themes such as race relations, gender, and with a "representation matters" approach, the issue of ageism that optics will demonstrate with the film's two leads, Beverly Bonner (Basket Case) and Christie Sanford (Satan's Playground). These two will be battling vampires and becoming heroines. 

This representation also includes a non-homogeneous crew.

Kristina not only has the backing of Dollar Babies, but Fractured Atlas, a non-profit dedicated to helping artists build on the amount resources and funds needed to successfully execute their work.

Everyone involved has four days to shoot and a Halloween 2016 deadline to meet.

Donate, share, support if you can!

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