Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Trailer For Filmmaker Tricia Lee's Horror Thrill Ride, Blood Hunters

*From The Press Release

Director Tricia Lee’s 3rd genre picture, Blood Hunters, will be presenting its world premiere at the Horror Channel FrightFest Film Festival in London, England on August 29th, 2016. Lee, with screenwriter Corey Brown have partnered on two other thrilling genre films, Clean Break (Winner Best Drama Feature, Atlanta Horror Film Festival) and Silent Retreat (Winner Best Canadian Feature, Toronto After Dark Film Festival). They are excited to bring you their newest creature feature Blood Hunters.

Blood Hunters is a character-driven genre film about a single mother who wakes up in a medical facility to find that everyone is dead and she's somehow nine months pregnant.

The film was presented in Cannes at a work-in-progress screening by Frontières and after being enthusiastically received, it has since been completed. Blood Hunters stars Lara Gilchrist (Battlestar Galactica), Benjamin Arthur (Working the Engels), Torri Higginson (Stargate: Atlantis), Julian Richings (Supernatural, Man of Steel), Mark Taylor (Flashpoint) and Peter Blankenstein (The Human Centipede triology). The feature was produced by Tricia Lee and Chris Luckhardt (Tru Love) with Michael Baker (Backcountry, Sacrifice) and Brigitte Kingsley (Night Cries, Dark Rising Series) executive producing.

About A Film Monkey Production

A Film Monkey Production is Tricia Lee’s production company through which she has produced 10 short films and 3 horror and thriller features. They are dedicated to bringing strong female characters to the screen, while thrilling and chilling audiences around the world. Upcoming films under the Film Monkey banner have Lee, Brown and Luckhardt joining forces to bring you Tin Cans, a supernatural family adventure. Lee has also partnered with Kristen Henderson, who cast Blood Hunters, to produce a sci-fi drama called Buying Time, written by Corey Brown. Tricia on Twitter (@TriciaLee_)

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